Excerpts from Healing Lupus: Steps in a Personal Journey

Why me? Why did I get lupus?

You may not have the answer to this question until you have come out the other side. I can tell you my theory of why I got lupus – and this awareness came only in hindsight. I learned that I repressed and internalized my anger – it was a habit I had developed as a child. When my anger would come up, I followed the training I’d received from my parents and other well-meaning adults – to be a nice girl and not rock the boat. Over time, I think this repression harmed my immune system.

Later when I learned how to allow myself to have my anger in a healthy way, my immune system was less stressed and able to recover and do its job. So this is my theory – it’s what my intuition tells me as to why I got lupus. But your answer as to why you got lupus may be different from mine.

If I don’t have lupus, but I have another stress-related disease or illness, can I still benefit from reading this book?

Yes, most certainly! As you read the questions, writing exercises and support group guidelines, just substitute the word “lupus” for the stress-related disease or illness that you are dealing with.

There are many diseases and illnesses that are affected by stress. Here are just a few: alcoholism, allergies, alopecia, amenorrhoea, anxiety attacks, arthritis, backaches, brain stroke, cancer, candida, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, colds, coronary heart disease, depression, diabetes, mellitus, eating disorders, flu, headaches, heart ailments, high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine headaches, multiple sclerosis, poor immune function, retina detachment, sexual problems, skin rashes, sleeping problems, stomachaches, ulcerative colitis, and viruses.

It can’t hurt to reduce your stress in any way you can. Just keep in mind that if you don’t correct your problem, it’s not your fault – it may be in your biology.


What if I don’t have a spiritual belief? Can I still be healed?

There are many paths to healing. There is no one-way to do it. For me, spirituality is a key component of healing. But for some of you, this is not what you choose.

In order to fight a disease like lupus, I think you must have something within you that wants to live a better life. You must want it passionately, even if it eludes you and you get discouraged. You just recommit yourself and keep going.

So whatever you choose to call the fighting spirit or life force within you and within all life, focus your body, mind and heart on this power of good, and notice how it expands the more you focus on it. It’s like building a fire--keep it tended and it will keep you warm.

Healing Lupus; Steps in a Personal Journey by Waverly Evans
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